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Eddie has always enjoyed collaborating with others, and has worked in Australia with many artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Russel Morris, The Angels, The Models, Venetta Fields, Goanna, Australian Crawl, Jo Camilleri, and Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music fame.

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Eddie composed and produced movie scores such as 'Ricky and Pete'. Eddie later produced Margaret Urlich's 'Second Nature', and after moving home to NZ he produced The Exponents, Pop Mechanix, Dead Flowers, and Rikki Morris, amongst many others.

More recently, TV viewers will know Eddie was musical director for three seasons with NZ Idol, and he has just finished work co-producing a new Tim Finn album with Ethan Allen
(chief engineer at
Daniel Lanois Grant Avenue studios).

Early in the third millennium Eddie completed and released the album 'Play it Straight' – his own arrangements and interpretation of some of his favourite Kiwi-penned songs – sung by a wide range of NZ vocalists– resulting in an exceptional body of work.  

Eddie is an unpretentious and talented character, whose great strength is an intelligent application of his talent, and complete integrity in his approach to the processes of playing, composition and production. All of which is clearly and concisely demonstrated in his work, as will be obvious to those who delve into his rich musical history and legacy.

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