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Eddie's musical talents and perspectives have been widely acknowledged since the early Enz releases. He has an uncanny knack of creating and incorporating unique sounds and arrangements, and there is nothing he enjoys more than playing 'live', whether in the studio or on stage....for him, this is where the magic happens. Eddie played keyboards on the following:
  RBR digital album 'Chaos & Triviality'
Eddie Rayner album 'Play It Straight'
Eddie Rayner album 'Horse'
ENZSO album 'ENZSO 2'
Paul McCartney single 'Spies Like Us'    
Paul McCartney

album 'Press To Play'

Split Enz album 'Mental Notes'
Split Enz album 'Second Thoughts'
Split Enz album 'Dizrythmia'
Split Enz album 'Frenzy'
Split Enz album 'True Colours'
Split Enz album 'Corroboree' (AKA Waiata)
Split Enz album 'Time and Tide'
Split Enz album 'Conflicting Emotions'
Split Enz album 'See Ya Round'
Split Enz live album 'The Living Enz'
Split Enz live album 'Anniversary'
Split Enz live album 'Extravagenza'
Split Enz album 'The Rootin Tootin Luton Tapes'
Split Enz live album 'One Out of the Bag' (DVD).
Tim Finn album 'The Conversation'
Crowded House song 'Can't Carry On'.
Crowded House  album 'Together Alone'
Crowded House album 'Time On Earth'
Phil Manzanera   album "801"
The Makers

'The Makers'

The Makers album 'Hokey Pokey'
The Angels album 'The Howling'
Australian Crawl album 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'
Margaret Urlich  
'Second Nature'
Peter Urlich  
'Between You and Me'
The Exponents album 'Better Never Than Late'
Mahara Tocker album 'Hurricane's Eye'
Pete Fountain album 'Will'
Space Waltz album 'Space Waltz'   
Alastair Riddell album 'Alistair Riddell'  
Adrian's Wall - single 'Reach Out'
Paul Smythe single 'I'll Never Lose You'
Stephen Housden (Little River Band) album 'New World Groove'
  Mimori and Sertoma
(from Japan)
album 'Hope'
John Clarke
(Fred Dagg)

 'We Don't Know how Lucky We Are'
(#1 hit single)

Margot Smith

album 'Sleeping With the Lion'

Jane Siene album 'Love Death Sex Road'
The Machinations

 album 'Big Music'

Matt Saunoa
(NZ Idol winner)
'Hold Out Your Hand'
(#1 hit single)
NZ Idol Cast 'Yesterday Was Just the Beginning of My Life'
(#1 hit single)
  Rikki Morris album 'Everest'
Suzanne Lynch album 'Colour of Summer'
Russel Morris single - 'Stay With Me'
Jo Camilleri
single - 'Losing Game'
Dead Flowers album 'Dead Flowers'
The Promise

various singles

Goanna album 'Oceania'
Peter Forster 3 singles


Rushton & Parslow 3 singles
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